Traverse City, Michigan

Schedule for Holy Mass and other events

The Church of Christ should offer worthy worship to the Divine Majesty, “for the praise and glory of his name” and “the good of all his holy Church.” –Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Summorum Pontificum

Incensing altarRinging the bells

Pray with us

Our daily Masses are open to the public, and everyone is welcome to worship with us.

Holy Mass is celebrated daily in our monastery chapel according to the Missal of 1962 (Traditional Latin Mass) on most days. You can view a downloadable/printable calendar here.

We invite anyone wishing to increase their appreciation of praying in Latin to attend Liturgical & Devotional Latin classes held at the monastery. Learn more here.

On Sunday and Saturday, and most Holy Days of Obligation, Mass is at 7:30am and on weekdays at 6:55am. Confessions:  After morning Mass on Saturdays.

Highlights in our current calendar:
Each Sunday of May: Marian Devotions at 7:00pm.
May 6th: Holy Hour for vocations at 5:00pm
May 20th: Solemn High Mass in the presence of our Bishop Jeffrey J. Walsh for the First Vows of one of the nuns. Sister will greet visitors in the monastery speakroom on May 21st, 22nd, and 28th from 2:30 to 4:30pm.
May 26th, Ascension of the Lord: Rosary and Benediction at 5:00pm

You can also telephone to hear the monthly schedule at 231-946-4960; please listen for the prompt to hear the schedule for Mass, Confessions, Benediction and other events this month. We have also posted the answers to frequently asked questions on our voice mail system.