Traverse City, Michigan

Feast Days

All the variety a Carmelite needs to live a holy, happy, and balanced life is provided by the liturgical year. From the haunting chants and sober joys of Holy Week, to the giggles of novices waking the community with tambourines and castanets on St. Teresa’s Day, our every experience is placed at the service of our Spouse.

A typical feast day includes a festively chanted Mass, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament in the evening, and extended recreation time. On family feasts, such as the jubilee of a nun’s profession or the prioress’ feast day, the community is entertained with skits and even full-length plays produced by the novitiate.

A special recreation on a feast day might mean a walk in the woods, a picnic, playing musical instruments,  just chatting in the recreation room, or non-competitive exercise with badminton, tether-ball or even… rollerskating!

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